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Fab Defense Flashlight Side Torch Mount Fits 30mm Torch Or Laser


The PLS-1-30mm Tactical Flashlight Side Mount is designed to accomodate all 30mm tactical flashlights increasing natural and convenient tactical light operation.

Will Fit Led Lenser Torch's P7, MT7, T7, M7R,M7RX, X7R, M7,HOKUS FOCUS,



Perfect for Mounting with a Vertical Foregrip on the Same Lower Rail, Retaining Natural Convenient Access for Flashlight Tailcap Activation

Secure Bolt Locking System for the Mounted Device

Fits on All 1913 MIL-STD Picatinny Rails

Newly Designed Quick Release Mechanism for Fast Add and Remove

Tough Rigid & Lightweight Reinforced Polymer Design

Allows Perfect Use in Conjunction with a Vertical Foregrip

Allows the Tactical Flashlight to be Mounted on Either Side Rail for Ambidextrous Use

Increases Access Options to the Flashlight's Tailcap when Mounted on Any of the Quad Rails

Very Easy to Install


Weight 55 gr

Width 68 mm

Height 36 mm

Length 52 mm