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30-06 Fiocchi Perfecta 150GR Soft Point 400 Rounds (20 Boxes)


Turn your venerable .30-06 Springfield rifle into a deer dropping machine with this excellent hunting ammo. These rounds from Fiocchi's PerFecta line use soft point projectiles which are intended to develop a large, expanded mushroom shape during entry into a target. This effect tears through tissue and prevents a bullet from over-penetrating so that its momentum is transferred cleanly to vital organs. As a result, red and fallow deer, wild pigs and other medium-sized game will drop where they stand without suffering or running off into the woods. 

Each 150-grain bullet is firmly secured to a reloadable brass casing via a crimp over a ribbed cannelure. This arrangement prevents displacement under recoil in order to make each shot as accurate as possible. The toothed cannelure pulls double duty as it also serves to prevent the copper jacket from separating away from its lead core; such separation could cause premature expansion which stops a bullet's effectiveness at shallow depths. Each casing is equipped with a clean-sparking Boxer primer and filled with high energy propellant grains. PerFecta ammo is manufactured in Italy using over a century's worth of production experience and quality control methods.

• Calibre: 30-06 Springfield 
• Brand: Fiocchi PerFecta
• Bullet Weight: 150gr
• Bullet style: Soft point
• Velocity: 2910 fps
• Case Type: Boxer-primed brass
• Quantity: 400 rounds (20 boxes)